💰BLC Token Seller Program

Explore this guide to seamlessly transition into a BLC seller and effortlessly acquire BLC tokens.

Discover the benefits of becoming a BLC seller.

With each BLC token you successfully sell for 6 USDT, earn the equivalent of 1 USDT. Imagine the possibilities - for every 100 BLC tokens sold, reap the rewards of 100 USDT! Dive into this lucrative opportunity and watch your earnings soar as you embark on your journey as a BLC seller.

How to become a BLC seller?

How to purchase BLC ?

1. Pay the appropriate amount of USDT to the Payment Wallet Address below

2. Fill and submit BLC TOKEN SALES FORM with the information needed (in this case the buy or seller can fill out the form)

3. Receive the BLC in your wallet and an email of confirmation

Selling Limit: This delineates the prescribed parameters for the quantity available for sale.

~ Minimum Sold: 12.5 BLC

~ Maximum Sold: 5000 BLC


If you wish to transact a quantity outside the designated limits, please contact us via email at support@billionlocalcoin.xyz or message us on our approved Telegram group for further assistance and approval.

PAYMENT WALLET ADDRESS (Only send USDT(BSC) to this wallet)



Note: Make sure to import the Billion Local Coin Contracts to your Metamask and Trustwallet.

For importation of BLC to wallet please see the contract address below BLC Contract Address: 0x2f4470f97c568E6036c8bC0bAfd1279563d57D46

Thank you for your interest in BLC Tokens! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance via our Telegram group.

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