🚧BSC Smart Chain Explained

Greetings to the BSC Smart Chain segment within the BLC ecosystem. This is where creativity converges with implementation, setting the stage for a revolutionary blockchain encounter. BSC Smart Chain represents more than just technology; it signifies a fundamental change, a platform geared towards solutions, and an entrance into an era abundant with decentralized opportunities.

Key Features:

  1. Layer-1 Blockchain Infrastructure: BSC Smart Chain is built on a robust Layer-1 blockchain architecture, providing the foundation for security, scalability, and efficiency.

  2. DPoS Consensus: Powered by DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), the BSC Smart Chain ensures fast and secure transactions while involving the community in decision-making.

  3. 8-Layer Supply Mechanism: Experience a new approach to coin distribution, fostering stability and reducing market volatility.

  4. Latency & TPS: With latency as low as 0.5 - 3 seconds and a potential throughput of up to 100K transactions per second, BSC SmartChain delivers exceptional transaction speed and confirmation times.

  5. Indigenous Ecosystem dApps: Explore a range of Indigenous ecosystem dApps, each designed to cater to real-world needs and industries.

Unleashing Opportunities:

BSC Smart Chain epitomizes our dedication to innovation and advancement. We're not merely constructing a blockchain; we're establishing a platform that drives industries forward, empowers participants, and fosters collaborative efforts.

Validators, Delegators, Backers:

Energizing the Network: BSC Smart Chain thrives on the active involvement of Validators, Delegators, and Backers. Validators ensure security and consensus, Delegators contribute to transaction processing and validation, while Backers bolster the network's robustness and stability.

Empowering Startups: Community Trust Vesting Grant (CTVG):

Furthermore, BSC Smart Chain extends support to promising startups through the Community Trust Vesting Grant (CTVG). This grant aims to equip startups to construct their infrastructure on our SmartChain, nurturing innovation, collaboration, and tangible solutions.

BSC Market Portals:

Opening Up New Frontiers: Explore the BSC Market Portals, comprising the e-Commerce Trading Portal, Real Estate Trading Portal, Luxury Lifestyle Booking Portal, and The Universal Payment Gateway. These portals harness blockchain's potential to redefine sectors, streamline transactions, and establish efficient digital marketplaces.

Embark on the Future with BSC Smart Chain:

BSC Smart Chain isn't just about technology; it embodies a realized vision. It serves as a link between the present and the future, a realm where innovation intersects with pragmatism, and where blockchain transcends being a mere buzzword—it becomes a catalyst for transformation.

A comparative analysis table for Latency & TPS (Transactions Per Second) among BSC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, and Solana:

Aspect BSC Bitcoin Ethereum Cardano EOS Solana


0.5 - 3 Seconds






Transactions Per Second (TPS)

Up to 100K

3 - 7

30 - 45

1,000 - 1,500

4,000 - 8,000

50,000 - 65,000


  • Latency: An impressive latency of 0.5 to 3 seconds, providing nearly instant finality for transactions. In contrast, Bitcoin's latency can range from several minutes to much longer, Ethereum's latency is in the seconds range, Cardano and EOS offer similar low-latency experiences, while Solana achieves sub-second latency.

  • Transactions Per Second (TPS): BSC shines with a high TPS capacity of up to 100,000 transactions per second. Bitcoin, with 3 to 7 TPS, is significantly slower due to its Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Ethereum's TPS ranges from 30 to 45, but it faces scalability challenges. Cardano and EOS offer higher TPS, catering to around 1,000 to 1,500 and 4,000 to 8,000 respectively. Solana stands out with an impressive TPS of 50,000 to 65,000, making it a leader in scalability.

BSC competitive latency and remarkable TPS capabilities position it as a strong contender among leading blockchain projects, offering efficiency, speed, and scalability for a wide range of applications.

Join us in revolutionizing industries, transforming transactions, and reshaping the digital landscape. Welcome to BSC Smart Chain—where the future is now.

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