🧮BLC & BLCG Special Force

Breakdown of Special Forces System rewards structure in simple terms:

Introduction and Basics: The BLC & BLCG Special Force System is a unique opportunity for individuals to become global ambassadors for the BLC ecosystem. These ambassadors play a crucial role in spreading the word about BLC & BLCG and attracting new stakeholders and users to the platform.

NOTE: We must emphasise that the BLC & BLCG Special Forces System is designed to accommodate a limited number of individuals—precisely 300 Ambassadors on a global scale at the early stage.

Earning Rewards: Ambassadors earn rewards based on their performance in bringing new participants and referrals to BLC & BLCG during the Development Stage.

  1. Acquisition Attraction Reward (AAR):

    • During the early stage, for every acquisition an ambassador successfully brings in, they receive an instant reward of 25% of the stakeholder's entry fees. This reward is paid automatically into the ambassador's USDT wallet as soon as the transaction is completed.

  2. Referral Reward (RR):

    • Additionally, when an ambassador refers someone who becomes a stakeholder of the ecosystem, they earn 10% of the tokens the referred stakeholder acquires. Tokens will be credited to ambassadors' wallets at the end of each week, specifically on Fridays.

  3. Tiered Reward Increase (TRI):

    • As ambassadors achieve more success, the rewards become even more attractive.

    • When an ambassador's total sales reach a cap of $10,000 in the Pre-Seeding stage, the reward percentages increase.

    • From this point onwards, for every transaction completed, the ambassador receives 12% of the transaction amount in USDT, and they also receive 12% of the tokens acquired by their referrals.

Example: Imagine an ambassador successfully introduces a new stakeholder who acquires BLC Tokens of $1,000 during the early stage.

They will automatically receive a reward of $100 (10% of $1,000) in their USDT wallet. Additionally, the tokens allotted to this stakeholder are 5,000 BLC tokens (The number of tokens for $1,000 ); the ambassador will receive 10% of those tokens (5000 BLC Tokens). Once the ambassador's total sales cap reach $10,000, their rewards become even more attractive.

For every new sales acquisition or referral made from that point onwards, the ambassador will receive 12% of the acquisition amount in USDT and 12% of the tokens acquired by their referrals, all during the Pre-Seeding stage.

The BLC & BLCG Ambassadorial System rewards ambassadors for their efforts in attracting liquidity and referrals, with increasing rewards as they achieve higher sales levels. This provides them with financial incentives and encourages them to actively contribute to the growth and success of the BLC ecosystem.



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